Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

P3T6 American Dream from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

On my team I have Emily Hartshorn, Alex Henriques, and Aftan Dodd.  My teammates chose the song American Dream by Switchfoot. My team has some really good shot ideas and I'm hoping it will be okay. My team and I are trying to make a funny and creative music video. My team wanted a soulful song that we could all agree on. I think we found a very catchy and exciting song to work on.

In our movie trailer we want it to relate to the lyrics. Our song is about how money and work and success is everything in America when it shouldn't be. And in our music video we are trying to show different people's situations. In our music video we show people who are stuck sitting at a computer, people who are lonely, etc. We also tried putting in some random humor for good measure. I hope we can get a nice grade on our project.

In this Music Video project showcases our best because of all the contrary. We are two weeks into this assignment and we are finally filming today. We have not had a time to agree on a time to meet. When some teams are almost done and have had maybe 2 or 3 film sessions we haven't even filmed once yet. But from all the things we've filmed at school we have also have lots of effects and very high quality work we have so far. But, I do believe in us and have no doubt we can come out with a high quality Music Video.

3 unique Behind The Scenes

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P3T8_Objection Overruled from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our new project is to make a movie trailer about a movie that you created. I started the script and was going to finish it but I noticed my partner did it already. But I did up editing and adding humor to the script. My partners for this project are Gillian Altman and Alexander Henriquez. We have a very funny, unique, and creative movie.

I think our greatest success was creating a very funny script. We also have a very good lip sync to our original audio. One thing we had a problem with was just getting along. I mean we didn't like argue a lot it's just that when we stopped we would start playing around and play teasing each other until we'd start kicking, etc. But we had to suck it up, performed very well, and have a very creative final product. We worked very hard on this trailer and I hope you like it.

I thought our critique went very well. It got very great laughs in came in second place for the entire class. I was a tiny bit disappointed we didn't get first, but I'm fine with second. I learned that some of the jokes we put in were a bit over shown. Meaning some jokes we just tried too hard. Our movie trailer was so good we are actually thinking of making a home video.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

The project goal that we have for this project is to have a 1-2 minute animation video that has a well thought of message. I thought about who I would have on my team because in the past I've either gotten distracted by them or I noticed I'm doing all the work. My teammates are Emily Hartshorn and Lucas Freitaz-Diaz. In our story the main character has to make a physical and mental change. The word our class uses is metamorphosis.

Our focus statement is King loses royalty. Our story is about a happy and wealthy king that falls in love but he fell in love with a witch. The witch turns the king into a crow and sends him into the village. In the village the crow meets a pigeon and asks if the crow could come help to look for nuts to eat and the crow agrees. The crow looks and finds glowing nut and eats it and it gave him an idea on how to attack the queen. They lock her up and the pigeon turns into a beautiful woman and the crow went back to his normal self and they live happily ever after.  
In our critique we didn't get the best results but we definitely didn't deserve the greatest results. A lot of the mistakes was on my part. I was the final editor and there were some things I left out and my animations that I made were not that good. Also there was some lack of communication my partners thought I would do certain things we never talked about. But our final product came out a lot better than my team thought it would.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial Expressions are universal because I found that "Charles Darwin wrote in his 1872 book, the Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that 'Facial expressions of emotion are universal, not learned differently in each culture'. There have been arguments both in favor and against ever since." It sounds like it's a very controversial thing in the world. I believe that Facial Expressions are universal because a scientific blog called Kairos says that joy, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, and fear have and always will be universal.

I got this project done by, first, taking a picture that my face, not including the background, was symmetrical. Then, I made an outline of the left hand side of my face. Our class decided that we would do the left hand side of our face and then what we had would be symmetrical. Later, We started an outline of our hair, then mouth, then eyes and eyebrows, and then colored in our entire face. The way we did it was by using the line tool to make triangles/polygons in our face.

The easy way of Low Poly and hard way are different but not that much different. If you get a big spot in average it will give the average color, but with the other way you can be more specific with  your color. I like the average way because then it's the computer's comparison instead of your own. Plus, a lot of the work is for you to do doing Poly Portraits the hard way. Also, it looks a lot better.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

I interact with nature by going to the beach, hiking, even taking a walk through a forest or natural place is interacting with nature. You can also do something for nature. Like a beach clean up, start a place to adopt pets, etc. Nature also impacts my life by protecting me and giving me a chance of shade and shelter under trees when it's hot, nature gives me places to go. I am grateful for nature because if it wasn't for nature I'd probably have nothing to do all day. I wouldn't have any exercise, I'd be fat and depressed.

Time lapses are created by taking time to record something within a long amount of time and in editing shrinking the clip. Slow-mo's are created by filming something for a short amount of time and in editing extend and slowing down that clip. Retime editor is very needed for time lapses and Slow-mo's. Retime editor can also be a useful way to time audio and clips. To get the timing perfect you'd have to take a little while.

I think the hardest part of this Retime Nature project was filming a clip needing a certain detail needed for dramatic effect and what you need won't come. Filming clips like this were fun when everything went your way, but it's frustrating and stressful when it doesn't. My favorite part of this project was seeing the time-lapses progress in Retime Editor. Something about it for me makes it so satisfying. I've had pretty good luck getting a nice sunset or great close up for a slow-mo in this project while filming.

Project Reflection: I think I did good but I could have done better. I think the reason that I didn't do as well as I'd hoped was my audio was really scratchy and weird and I didn't here how bad it was in Final Cut Pro. I think I should've redone my poem. But I appreciate the 25 people that looked past that. I don't know how two people found mine the best, but at least I wasn't the best because then I'd be really lost. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hi guys, I had an amazing summer but I am glad to be back in school and doing blog posts again.

Poetry, I think, is a creative way of expression and showing off your beauty, passion, and writing ability. It's basically all of your creativity in a rhythmic and rhyming pattern. I think poetry is used to express and feel emotions and maybe even learn something. It is both beautiful and expressive to writers and readers. I think poetry is very useful, fun, and I think I'm pretty descent at writing poetry mostly in whatever subject. I enjoy poetry and I hope other people do to. 

I was born with it and so were you
Never had to dream if it came true
Always knowing what will happen
It's what gets you good and zappin'
Confidence is key and you know it
So get out and boldly show it 
Be big, be bold, and even brave
So with that get up and show that you rave

I thought I would give myself more of a challenge to use rhythm and rhyme. I used rhyme by just thinking of sentences or statements that had a rhythmic connection and words that rhymed at the end. It was fun and I did a lot better than expected. Since I've heard so many songs that rhyme and have rhythm I just took what I've heard probably a million times and put it into words. I'm good at poetry compared to other people and have been getting better. I had a lot of fun on this project and am so excited that we are just getting started in GT.

Required Images: LastF_Poetic.jpg

Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

P2T1 Dangerous Woman from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hi guys, before I start this blog post I would just like to say thank you for all the views and support on my blogs. This will be my last blog post of my sixth grade year. Next blog post I will be a seventh grader. Which is this coming August. Have a great summer and enjoy the blog. 

Underneath this text is the 2 minutes from the song our team used in the music video. 

Song Title: Dangerous Woman
Artist: Arianna Grande

Our music video's storyline matches our song, which is "Dangerous Woman" by Arianna Grande, because the lyrics are all about being independent and free. But our story is about a group of women trying to be crazy and do whatever they want. It starts out with people in a very serious office meeting around a table when one person rebels and makes the scene very chaotic. It also makes everyone go crazy. In our storyboard we have people meeting new people and "Infecting" them as my teammates put it in our storyboard. It is a inspirational and funny music video and we put so much effort into this music video, seriously, all of our team has put so much into this video. 

My favorite fast-edit montage sequence is when we switch from all of us lip singing. I think that fast-edit montages are important because it gets so many different angles. It also has the possibility of getting everybody a little bit of screen time or camera time. Fast edit montages make you do a lot of filming, which is tiring and takes much time but its worth it when you are editing and say to yourself I'm glad we took that time to really work on this quick but useful piece of film. It may be a quick one second fly by that only the people who look closely saw this, but to the editor and filmmakers its everything .

This music video showcases my best work because it lets me use a little bit of every resource and every tool that I have ever used this year in my intro year of GT. It involves very precise editing with iMovie, I get to use Photoshop, for something fun finally, which is making the intro video screen, it still involves picture taking with the three behind the scenes pictures, and so much more that I can't mention. The video itself is kind of a wrap up of what I've done through the whole year which is me making a fool of myself, but also getting a very good final project for my last project of the year.